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Kidlit Social #76: April Cox on Self-Publishing the Right Way

On this episode, we welcome children’s book author and self-publishing coach April Cox.
April is the founder of…

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Kidlit Social #66: What Every Writer Needs to Know About Podcasts, Virtual Author Tours & Media Kits

On this episode of The Kidlit Social, meet author, podcaster, course creator and coach Janine Bolon.

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Kidlit Distancing Social #56 Replay: Aimee Jackson on How Indie Authors Can Publish Successfully

This week, meet Aimee Jackson, Owner and Editorial Director of Book Bridge Press, a company that helps independent authors take their…

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Kidlit Distancing Social #55 Replay: Lauren Ranalli on Author Marketing that Really Works

This week, meet Lauren Ranalli, award-winning children’s book writer and marketing coach for aspiring & self-published authors. In…

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Kidlit Distancing Social #47 Replay: Building an Effective Author Platform with Jennifer Swanson

In this episode, we welcome Jennifer Swanson, award winning author of over 40+ books for children (including Parent’s Choice Gold…

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Kidlit Distancing Social #42 Replay: Book Marketing Expert Colleen Noyes

Book marketing is the focus on this episode of the Kidlit Distancing Social, with our guest Colleen Noyes, founder of Itsy Bitsy Book…

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Kidlit Distancing Social #35 Replay – Rethinking Book Marketing: Michael Schein on How Any Author Can Become a ‘Micro Celebrity’

This week, meet Michael Schein, President of MicroFame Media and author of the upcoming book ‘The Hype Handbook’ (McGraw-Hill). The…

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Kidlit Distancing Social #31 Replay – Ask Laura & Jon Anything!

In this episode of the Social, Jon and Laura from Children’s Book Insider answer a slew of viewer questions about writing, publishing…

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CBI Editor Spotlight Excerpt: Eileen Robinson of Reycraft Books

In the November 2020 edition of Children’s Book Insider, the Children’s Writing Monthly, Lynne Marie interviews Eileen Robinson,…

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Visiting Book Fairs and Conference Exhibit Halls —Why, Where, and How?

by Lionel Bender
As a regular visitor to many major conference exhibit halls, book fairs, and publisher exhibits over some 28 years, I…

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How to Plan a Great School Visit

We’ve just released The Ultimate Guide to School Visits with Teresa Funke . This recorded workshop will allow you to start booking school visits…

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Self-Published Author Assembles Magical Team

by Tracy Bryan


From the moment I began writing my new release, Put Away Your Phone! I had imagined bright and vivid pictures to give it…

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Tips for Working with a Self-Publishing Company

Editor’s Note: If you’re considering self-publishing your book, you can research and piece together the process entirely on your own, or you can hire…

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Sneaky Marketing for Self-Published Authors

If you’re a self-published author, the idea of being writer, editor, publisher, art director and promoter for your book can be intimidating. But when…

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Book marketing

Terrified by Marketing? Then Don’t. Do This Instead…

I get it.  You’re a writer, not a marketer.  You’re not excited by the notion of “hawking your wares” or “pushing your book”.  You think that,…

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Photo by Sam Howzit

The M Word Revisited – Marketing’s Most Important (and Overlooked) Element

Photo by Sam Howzit. Creative commons licence


Well, well, well.  Looks like my hypothesis was correct:  writers really are…

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We Need to Talk About the M Word

Let’s talk about something most of you would rather not talk about.
It’s the “M word”……  Marketing.
(cue the sound of wailing,…

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How to Rise from the Slush Pile When Submitting to Publishers

by Jane McBride
We’ve all heard of it. Many of us have visited it on more than one occasion when submitting to publishers, though our…

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How to Find the Perfect Literary Agent

A good literary agent is your partner for building a successful writing career. But finding just the right agent can be a complicated…

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The Shortcut to Writing Stardom

by Laura Backes


Admit it, haven’t you wished that authors could be “discovered” just like old-time movie stars? You’re sitting in a…

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Getting Reviews on Amazon for Your Self-Published eBook

Our ebook experts, Amy Harrop and Debbie Drum, give some excellent tips on how to get reviews for your self-published ebook, which is your first step…

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promote book on twitter

Ten Tips for Promoting Your Book on Twitter


Twitter is the perfect tool for writers looking to promote a book: it’s fun, it’s quick, it’s free. But you need to know some…

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Top Editor Emma Dryden on Working with Editors and Acting Professionally

Emma Dryden is one of children’s publishing’s most accomplished editors, having worked on  hundreds of books for young readers, including board…

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Editors’ Pick: The Top 15 Kidlit and YA (Young Adult) Book Review Sites

Book review sites offer a great marketing opportunity.  A favorable mention on a book review blog can go a long way toward promoting your book. But…

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Young Adult author Alice Kuipers

How One Top Young Adult Author *Really* Feels About Social Media

Guest post by Alice Kuipers


Psst. Let me tell you a secret. I probably shouldn’t tell you this because I’m supposed to be good at…

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hashtags for book marketing

Book Marketing: How to Use Hashtags to Improve Your Twitter Reach

If you’re using Twitter for book marketing and to expand your fan base (and you should be!) you may still be confused by the concepts of hashtags and…

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writing blog

Make Your Writing Blog a Winner: Key Tips for Success

If you’re blogging to build a fan base (and you should be!) you want the time you invest to be fruitful.  A writing blog can help you reach fans and…

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young adult reader

Young Adult Authors: Here’s Where to Find Your Readers Online

If you’re an author of Young Adult literature and you’re looking to build a fan base of teen readers, this infographic will be pure gold.  It’s from…

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Book fairs for self-publishers

Book Fairs: Where Self-Publishers Meet Their Audience

by Jane Choate, Children's Book Insider contributing editor



Participate in a book fair? Not for you? Think…

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