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I get it.  You’re a writer, not a marketer.  You’re not excited by the notion of “hawking your wares” or “pushing your book”.  You think that, every time you ask someone for money, a little piece of your soul dissolves.


In today’s publishing environment, those who get the shakes at the thought of self-promotion have been given two choices when it comes to their fear of book marketing:


1. Get Over It

2. Become extinct.


May I offer a third choice?



Forget about book marketing, forget about promotion, forget about selling.



Instead, focus on advocating.



Here’s what I mean:


You’ve written (or you’re planning to write) a book, app or eBook that will bring something meaningful to the life of readers. Perhaps you have a message to share, important information to teach, an inspirational tale to tell or you just want to give your new friends a few giggles to brighten a day.
That’s a pretty important contribution, and it deserves to flourish.


So let me ask you this: How, exactly, will that reader ever be impacted by your work if no one tells her about it? How will her life be changed by your words if you keep everything to yourself?


It’s up to you to reach her. In fact, you’re doing her a great disservice by not reaching her!


How do you reach her? By marketing. No, scratch that — by advocating for your work.


By bringing people together with a goal not only to sell your book, but to improve their life experience. By going to where your prospective readers are hanging out (or, perhaps where their parents are hanging out) and becoming part of their world. (And then having them become part of your world.) By moving forward with a certainty that you have something important to share and you’re bound and determined to share it.


Let me be clear:  if you have created something that will enhance another person’s life, you owe it to them to tell them about it!


If you’re truly a writer, the opportunity to advocate for yourself and your work should thrill you.  Heck – it’s right in your wheelhouse.  You’re a communicator, and this is about communication.  You’re a wordsmith, and this is about putting words together on a  blog, on Facebook and on Twitter.  You love young people, and this is a further opportunity to connect with them and learn from them.


What’s so scary about that?  In fact, if you’re like most writers, you’ll find that advocating for your work is rewarding, fun and full of surprises.


So, there it is — if you’re not cut out to be a marketer, then don’t become one.  Instead, become an advocate.


And then go change the world!



Tomorrow, I’ll be back with an exclusive video sneak peek from my new course Easy Author Marketing.  I think it will really open your eyes — so stay tuned!




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