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Kidlit Distancing Social #13 – Josh Funk on Creating Successful Kidlit Series

In this episode, Josh Funk brings his special brand of fun to the Social. Josh has created one successful children’s book series after another, and he’ll share how he did it, and how other writers can follow the same path. This is really powerful insight for any writer seeking to build a long-term successful writing career.

On the Next Kidlit Distancing Social: Eileen Robinson on Middle Grade Fiction for Boys

On July 9, we welcome Eileen Robinson, publisher at Move Books, a small press that focuses on middle grade novels for boys. MG for boys is a hot and growing market, so this should be a really exciting talk.

Watch all the Kidlit Distancing Social Replays

Find out what your favorite authors, editors, agents & writing educators have to say when they appear on the Kidlit Distancing Social, a free educational hangout for kidlit writers, presented by Children’s Book Insider, the Children’s Writing Monthly.

Kidlit Distancing Social #12 – Laura Backes on What Picture Book Writers Need to Know About Illustrations

On this week’s Kidlit Distancing Social, CBI Publisher Laura Backes discusses the interplay between words and illustrations in picture books, and shares how writers can create picture book manuscripts that are optimized for illustrations.

Kidlit Distancing Social #11 – Patrice Williams Marks on How Sensitivity Readers Can Help Writers

Author, screenwriter and sensitivity reader Patrice Williams Marks shares how all writers can respectfully and constructively become part of a new global discussion on fairness, equality and justice for all.

Kidlit Distancing Social #10 – Emma Dryden on the Changing Landscape of Children’s Publishing

Emma Dryden, founder of drydenbks, freelance editor and former Publisher of Atheneum Books for Young Readers and Margaret K. McElderry Books, helps us navigate the new publishing landscape, and shares her tips for staying abreast of – and thriving through – the changes.

Kidlit Distancing Social #9 – Gabriela Pereira on the Power of Community

This week on the Kidlit Distancing Social, Gabriela Pereira, founder of DIYMFA, joins us for an inspiring discussion on the power of community for writers, and how to become more connected.

Kidlit Distancing Social #8 – Writing in Rhyme w/Julie Hedlund

This week on the Kidlit Distancing Social, Julie Hedlund, author and creator of 12×12 Challenge, joined us to chat about one of her specialties – writing rhyming picture books.

Understanding Children’s Book Genres

I just received a letter from a writer who said, “Alas, I find myself adrift in a sea of unexplained and/or contradictory publishing terms.” It’s true — you can read three different books on writing and find three different definitions of “picture book.” So, to make your life easier, here’s what I hope is a definitive glossary of children’s book genres:

Kidlit Distancing Social #7 – Tips for Getting Your Book Published w/Mary Kole

This week on the Kidlit Distancing Social, editor Mary Kole joins us to talk about submitting your work to editors and agents.

Kidlit Distancing Social #6 – Writing Young Adult and Middle Grade Books w/Dani Alcorn

This week on the Kidlit Distancing Social, author Dani Alcorn joins us to chat about writing young adult books.

Kidlit Distancing Social #5 – Ask Us Anything – The Sequel! w/Laura Backes & Jon Bard

In this week’s info-packed Kidlit Distancing Social, Laura once again answers a slew of your questions about writing and publishing children’s books.