Why This Site? Why Now? Behind Our New Mission

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The dust is settling, the sky is clearing. And it’s becoming more and more plain to see:

This really is the best time to be a children’s writer.  Ever.


Let’s embrace this incredible opportunity to share our work and impact children around the world.

Let’s explore our many choices:  apps… eBooks… print on demand….  traditional publishing…

Let’s embark on an amazing adventure.  Together.



Let’s Get Started.



First, to truly understand what this site is about — and to find out why we’re so excited
about your possibilities —  please take a moment to read our manifesto, and discover
the story of how this young girl inspired us to create writeforkids:


The World Is Now Ours. A Children’s Writing Mission for the 21st Century




Now, Let’s Explore….




Why This Site? Why Now?  Behind Our New Mission.


Read our manifesto:  The World Is Now Ours. A Children’s Writing Mission for the 21st Century

Find Our More About Laura, Jon  & the Children’s Book Insider Crew



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literacy and more encouragement for your journey to success as a 21st Century Children’s Author!


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Laura Backes Bard & Jon Bard

Owners of Children’s Book Insider, the Children’s Writing Monthly since 1989.




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