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Marketing Your Book, App or eBook

  • Kidlit Distancing Social #42 Replay: Book Marketing Expert Colleen Noyes

    This episode features Colleen Noyes, founder of Itsy Bitsy Book Bits Promotions. Colleen is an expert of getting attention for new books in a very crowded marketplace. In this episode, Colleen shares her tips on the types of promotion authors can focus on during these socially-distanced times, and which are most effective.


  • Kidlit Distancing Social #35 Replay – Rethinking Book Marketing: Michael Schein on How Any Author Can Become a ‘Micro Celebrity’

    This week, meet Michael Schein, President of MicroFame Media & author of the upcoming book ‘The Hype Handbook’ (McGraw-Hill). The subject: creative author marketing.

    Michael is an expert on fame-generating tactics, and has studied history’s greatest self-promoters to discover what they have to teach us about gathering attention in the modern media climate.

    Can “hype” be used for good? Michael believes it absolutely can, and that any author can break through to generate and cultivate a fan base. Can “hype” be used for good? Michael believes it absolutely can, and that any author can break through to generate and cultivate a fan base. We know that book marketing and author promotion are overwhelming issues for many writers, and this episode will give you a new way to look at the subject.


  • Kidlit Distancing Social #31 Replay – Ask Laura & Jon Anything!

    In this episode of the Social, Jon and Laura from Children’s Book Insider answer a slew of viewer questions about writing, publishing and marketing a children’s book.  There’s a ton of great info, advice and insight here!

    In fact, his A Kid’s Book About Belonging was just named one of Oprah’s Favorite Things for 2020!

    Kevin has some big things to communicate with kids, and he has a fascinating approach that should make every kidlit author stand up and take notice.

    You absolutely don’t want to miss this one!


  • CBI Editor Spotlight Excerpt: Eileen Robinson of Reycraft Books

    Excerpted from the November 2020 edition of Children’s Book Insider, Eileen Robinson, executive editor of Reycraft Books, talks about the new imprint and offers her best book marketing tips.


  • Tips for a Successful School Visit

    I love speaking at schools and find being with students gives me the encouragement to keep on writing and speaking. The young eager children are great listeners and they ask thoughtful questions. With every appearance, I learned more about creating a successful school presentation.  Here are some tips you can use as you prepare for your own school visits:


  • Raise Your Book’s Profile with Amazon Marketing Services

    For the self-published author, Amazon is the single easiest and least-expensive way to get your book in front of readers. Amazon Marketing Services offers authors a way to raise their books’ visibility.


  • Visiting Book Fairs and Conference Exhibit Halls —Why, Where, and How?

    Attending book fairs and publishing conferences can provide unique opportunities for children’s book authors and illustrators to learn about their industry, the marketplace, and to network with publishers, freelancers, and others on whom they depend for successful careers.


  • How to Plan a Great School Visit

    School visits are one of the best things about being a children’s writers. Meeting young fans, being treated like a star (which you are, of course!) and yes, making some extra income are jsut some of the benefits of bringing your work into schools.


  • Self-Published Author Assembles Magical Team

    A self-published picture book author details how she found an illustrator and brought her dream to life.


  • Tips for Working with a Self-Publishing Company

    Naren Aryal, CEO of Mascot Books, explains the format picture book authors should use when submitting their story to a self-publishing company.


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