Kidlit Social Replays

  • Kidlit Social #77: Meet Sarah Baker, SCBWI’s New Executive Director

    In this episode, Laura welcomes Sarah Baker, the new Executive Director of the Society for Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI).

    They talk about her ideas for making the Board of Directors more representative of members, updating SCBWI’s volunteer structures, making the whole organization more inclusive on a local and global scale and redesigning the SCBWI website. We also get Sarah’s best advice for aspiring and published authors and illustrators in the modern publishing industry.


  • Kidlit Social #76: April Cox on Self-Publishing the Right Way

    On this episode, we welcome children’s book author and self-publishing coach April Cox.

    April is the founder of Self-Publishing Made Simple, and Little Labradoodle Publishing. We dig into topics including how to know if self-publishing is right for you, common self-publishing mistakes, and the best places to spend your self-publishing marketing dollars.


  • Kidlit Social #75: 2nd Anniversary Edition – Laura Answers Your Writing Questions!

    On this episode, we celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the Kidlit Social with an “Ask Laura Anything” special!  Laura answers a wide range of questions about writing, editing and submitting your work.


  • Kidlit Social #74: Author J.F. Fox on What Everyone Can Do to Save School Libraries

    Meet author, school book committee chairperson, mother and library advocate J.F. (Jenny) Fox. Jenny’s on a quest to save school libraries from drastic funding cuts, and she has some easy to follow steps everyone can take right now that will make a big difference.


  • Kidlit Social #73: Wildlife Author Laurel Neme on Building a Writing Career Around Your Passions

    Meet wildlife author and journalist Laurel Neme, author of ANIMAL INVESTIGATORS: How the World’s First Wildlife Forensics Lab is Solving Crimes and Saving Endangered Species, which has been featured on ABC News Nightline and NPR’s Science Friday.

    She was just nominated (by National Geographic) for a Pulitzer Prize in International Reporting, together with her colleague, Jeff Barbee, for their series of articles on oil drilling in the Okavango. Laura and Laurel chat about how to use your passions to establish yourself as a specialist/expert in magazine and book publications (and build a career around those passions) and Laurel’s research techniques.


  • Kidlit Social #72: How Lesléa Newman Changed the World – And What Comes Next

    Meet Lesléa Newman, author of dozens of children’s books that have made a major impact on our culture. In 1989, Lesléa published her first picture book, Heather Has Two Mommies. It’s a work that has deeply inspired parents and children, LGBTQ and otherwise, and has been a lightning rod for censorship and book bannings. Since then, Lesléa has built an award-winning career filled with beautifully written and meaningful books that give life to her motto: Changing the World One Book at a Time.


  • Kidlit Social #71: Alda P. Dobbs on Mining Your Family History to Create Compelling Fiction

    On this episode, we meet Alda P. Dobbs, author of the acclaimed middle grade novel The Barefoot Dreams of Petra Luna. We talk about mining our family history for inspiration, and how to keep the spirit of the true stories alive while crafting compelling fiction.


  • Kidlit Social #70: Industry Pros Reveal – How to Know When Your Manuscript is Ready to Submit

    On this episode we welcome three respected industry pros, who will help you answer the question: Is My Manuscript is Ready to Submit?

    You’ll discover the signs to look for when your work is submission ready, and why such knowledge is vital to keeping the doors open to submissions at overwhelmed publishers and literary agencies.


  • Kidlit Social #69: ‘Radical Solutions’ to Beat Fear, Doubt & Criticism and Thrive Creatively

    On this inspirational episode, meet award-winning Middle Grade/YA author and creative writing professor Todd Mitchell. Todd joins us to share insights from his new book Breakthrough: How to Overcome Doubt, Fear, and Resistance to Be Your Ultimate Creative Self.

    Todd offers up some amazing, radical, perspective-shifting solutions for how to enhance creativity, deal with doubt, procrastination, and criticism, and make creative endeavors more enjoyable and effective.


  • Kidlit Social #68: Writing Graphic Novels for Beginning Readers

    In this edition, meet authors Lola M. Schaefer and Jill Esbaum. Lola and Jill are both part of Simon & Schuster’s breakthrough Ready to Read Graphics series, which introduces young readers to the graphic novel concept.

    This is an important trend, and one you should definitely be aware of. Lola and Jill l also share their thoughts on the Easy Reader market and give some great tips.


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