On this episode,  Laura welcomes Carolyn Foote and Becky Calzada, two Texas school librarians who, along with librarian Nancy Jo Lambert, are the founders of #FReadom Fighters, a grassroots advocacy group supporting librarians, teachers, students and authors in the raging fight against censorship.


Laura, Carolyn and Becky talk about Texas’s “War on Books”, how censorship is spreading across the country and how grass roots movements can effectively fight back.


If you’re concerned about the current intellectual and social climate, this is a must-see Social. You’ll find out exactly what’s happening and what you can do in your community to support free expression, freedom of thought and tolerance.





Links from this episode:


The Secrets of Writing a Page-Turner webinar on Wednesday, July 20, bit.ly/pageturn22


Alithia’s Art Angels site for young artists to showcase their work: https://alithiasartangels.com


Blog post author/illustrator Violet Lemay wrote about how she got involved in helping Alithia’s parents, Jess Hernandez and Ryan Ramirez, create this site for young artists to showcase their work in memory of their daughter: https://professorviolet.com/2022/07/12/alithias-art-angles/




FReadom Fighters, https://www.freadom.us
Twitter: @FReadomFighters


Carolyn Foote
Twitter: @Technolibrary

Blog: https://futura.edublogs.org


Becky Calzada
Twitter: @becalzada



List of books Rep. Matt Krause wants to ban in schools in Texas: https://static.texastribune.org/media/files/94fee7ff93eff9609f141433e41f8ae1/krausebooklist.pdf




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