Say hello to Teresa Funke — children’s author, writing coach and entrepreneur. Teresa’s a real pro, and she’s seen the ups and downs of a writing career.


In this video, Teresa reaches out to anyone who’s struggling, and asking “why is writing so hard?”   If you’re feeling that way, fear not.  Teresa has all the inspiration you need!


To get more terrific advice from Teresa, vist her blog at



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    9 years ago

    Excellent presentation! Thank you.

    9 years ago

    Thanks. I needed to hear that. 🙂


    […] Writing:  I started out the month on a roll… I was actively involved in revising several manuscripts and sent one to Rate Your Story.  The review came back…not as promising as I had hoped for but it wasn’t abysmal either.  I think if I let it sit for a bit, I can go back and do some necessary revisions without it being quite so painful and then submit it to both of my critique groups before resubmitting it to Rate Your Story.  I enjoyed submitting two manuscripts to my critique groups as well, but by the third week I felt over my head and let them know I was behind and needed some time to get back into the swing of things.  I also stopped posting so often on here…  I just needed the time (and still do) to catch up on other things in life!   I was also reading a lot of blog posts at the beginning of the month but have barely read any since the middle of March.  Some of my favorites in early March though included two on The Modern Mrs. Darcy – this one on the 20 minute Frittata  and this one on keeping focus on things that matter most.  In the writing world I also LOVED this post on Write For Kids. […]

    8 years ago

    i found it very helpful and inspiring. thank you.


    […] all the low-income children in the United States don’t own a single book? Our Insider Expert Teresa Funke is working to change that. She’s developed the Read A Hero Program for the Boys & Girls […]