This week, we welcome Tracey West. Tracey is the author of more than 300 books for children and young adults, including the Pokémon chapter books, the popular Pixie Tricks series, and the brand new Dragon Masters series.


She talks about her first love – writing chapter books – and how she’s built a career writing movie novelizations and books with licensed characters. Tracey is a real pro who will open your mind to new ways to make a good living as a full time writer.


Laura also checks in with publishing links, and we celebrate the successes of some Children’s Book Insider subscribers.


Links from This Week’s Social:


Save 20% on Pat Miller’s workshop The X Factor: Adding Emotion, Compassion & Heart to Create a Magical Picture Book Manuscript:


Tracey West’s Homepage:


“Tag, You’re It! Using Dialogue Tags Effectively” by Amy Wilson on the Good Story Company blog answers all your pressing questions about how to use dialogue tags effectively.


“12 Top Audiobook Ads Readers Want to Click” by Carlyn Robertson on the BookBub website, analyzes read ads for audiobooks and explains what makes them effective.


“Why Writing for Yourself Could Be the Key to Success” by Tom Meitner on the ProWritingAid blog makes the case that your work will be better, and much better received by your audience, if you write what you love rather than worrying about the market.


Children’s Book Insider links:

Writing Blueprints (Use code JOYFUL to save 20% on everything)


Publisher’s Weekly Article about the Kidlit Distancing Social


Children’s Book Insider video tour & $5/month offer:


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