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Emma Dryden is one of children’s publishing’s most accomplished editors, having worked on  hundreds of books for young readers, including board books, picture books, non-fiction, middle grade fiction, and young adult/teen fiction and fantasy.  Emma has edited some of the field’s top authors, including Ellen Hopkins, Paul Zelinsky, Shelia P. Moses, Susan Cooper, Alan Katz, David Catrow,  Lee Bennett Hopkins, Karma Wilson and David Diaz.


Recently, Emma sat down for a video chat with CBI Publisher Laura Backes.  In this, the second of three parts, Emma weighs in on the latest publishing trends, and discusses how authors can connect with teens and tweens.


(To view part one, in which Emma describes what authors need to do to succeed in the current publishing environment, click here.)


To learn more about Emma, visit her blog  our stories, ourselves



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Young Adult author Helen Landalf provides exclusive advice for CBI members on a tricky matter:  how far is too far in writing for young adults.  Click here to read Drawing the Line in Edgy YA.


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