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“A Massive Resource I Value Highly”

I already earn a living as a full-time scriptwriter, but I’m working seven days a week to learn how to write fiction for YA’s.

I work so hard, and I’m terrified I’m making a mistake pushing my writing career into published fiction, but CBI is there  holding out a hand and saying “it’s okay to fight, it’s okay to fear, it’s okay to struggle”.

 In the end – and I don’t apologize for how corny this sounds – it’s love that fuels good writing and good storytelling, and I’m feelin’ the love from CBI.

Ben Marshall


“I Am Empowered and Encouraged”

Before finding CBI, I was wandering through the maze of the how-to-begin blues, bumping into myself at every turn. I’d been questioning why I envisioned myself a children’s author.

So how do I view CBI? As a game-changer.

It’s like a hand-holding friend with answers and encouragement. It’s a window to the success of others. It’s a mentor, an advisor, a how-do, and an ultimate resource. I snuggle up with it as one does with a good book.

 I am empowered and encouraged..and I will march on where I might’ve faltered and flaked out. I’m a keeper…so is CBI!

Carolanne Roberts



For more than 30 years, we’ve helped people achieve their dreams of changing the world with their words.   Now it’s your turn.    Welcome to our family.


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