No two writers are created alike.  Some of us are masters of planning and organization.  Others among us live by improvisation and spontaneity.  And still others work somewhere in the middle.


You probably heard of writers being described as “plotters” or “pantsters” (as in “seat of their pants”).   And perhaps you’ve even identified as one or the other.  But it’s never really gone deeper than that.


Until now.


We’ve just created something that will help you truly understand how you operate as a writer, lay out the dangers you might face as a result, highlight the special opportunities you have and provide specific strategic steps to make your writing career more fun, more successful and, hopefully, more lucrative.



Writing Profile



Introducing the Writing Profile.  It’s a fun, brief quiz that will pinpoint exactly the kind of writer you are and it comes with a  personalized report that will help you adjust, adapt and thrive.


And yep, it’s completely free.  🙂


It’s our gift to the writing community.  So please, after you take it and see how cool it is, feel free to share it far and wide.


Here’s the link:



After you get your report, come back and leave a message in the comments section.  Tell us if you’re a Visionary, Mapmaker or Pathfinder, and what you learned about yourself.


Have fun!



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