Think about the picture books that have truly touched you and the children in your life. Now think about what they have in common.
It’s “the X factor”, the magic ingredient that makes an editor take notice, stops an agent in her tracks and makes a delighted child say “Read it Again!”

What if you had this magic ingredient at your fingertips, ready to sprinkle it throughout your next picture book manuscript?


How different would your writing career be?

The “X factor” that makes a picture book timeless and memorable is emotion.
Picture book authors with the ability to connect on a heart-to-heart level with their readers are a rare breed.  And picture book authors who can actually teach other writers how to connect emotionally with readers?  Well, we only know of one.
And she’ll be teaching you on August 25.
On Tuesday (with lifetime on-demand video replay) Pat Zietlow Miller, New York Times Bestselling Picture Book Author & Golden Kite Award Recipient will teach you how to add emotion, compassion and heart to every picture book manuscript you write.

This powerful workshop (with lifetime on-demand video replay and an exclusive PDF handout) that will give you the tools you need to fill your work with emotion, meaning and joy.
In this comprehensive class you’ll learn:
* What is emotional impact?
* Why is it important in picture books?
* Why the current global climate is leading editors to seek emotional and compassionate picture books.
* Pat’s techniques for finding the emotion that already exists in your story concept.
* Pat’s powerful techniques for adding sincere emotion and heart throughout your text.
You’ll also get an exclusive PDF handout to accompany the session, that includes:
* A full review of Pat’s favorite techniques.
* An extensive reading list of picture books with real emotional impact.


This is an amazing opportunity to transform your writing, and learn from a true master of emotion, compassion and heart. Don’t miss it!
Right now, you can save $20 on the price of this vital workshop. Here’s the link to learn more and save your spot:



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