Thanks for registering for How to Write a Great Picture Book.
The class will take place Thursday, January 14, 2021 at 5 PM Pacific, 8 PM Eastern. We’ll have the replay up the next day in case you miss it live.
The link to access the class is 
Just click that a few minutes before start time and follow the simple instructions. We’ll also send this link out again on the day of the webinar. Also, you may wish to bookmark this page for future reference.


To get you ready for the webinar – and to help you create your own picture book main character – we have three fun forms from our Picture Book Blueprint program.  Please download them now.  There’s only one that you’ll want to fill out before the webinar.  The others we’ll do live on the webinar:
CREATING YOUR PROTAGONIST:  Please spend a couple of minutes filling in this simple form  before the webinar. (If you can’t get to it, that’s OK – we’ll go through it in real time. But working on it beforehand will help you move forward quickly).

Here’s where to download it:



WHAT DOES YOUR PROTAGONIST WANT? and THE OBSTACLE MATRIX:  Just download these forms now.  We’ll work on them during the webinar.  If you can, please print them out so you can jot down your thoughts as we go.

Here are the links for each:

Don’t worry if you don’t yet know who you want to be the main character of your picture book.  Just make up a character so you can see the process in action.
Get excited – you’re about to take a big step toward writing a picture book of your own!



In the meantime, we have a gift for you! We want you to have your very own copy of the Ultimate Children’s Writing Cheat Sheet.



This powerful resource condenses our 30 years of children’s writing instruction into one eBook. You’ll learn so much from this little eBook – and we want you to have it absolutely free.
Just click here to get your copy right now!
Thanks for being part of the Children’s Book Insider family.

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