A live discussion with educators who have become published children’s book authors. This is geared toward beginners and aspiring writers, with special emphasis on the best ways to get started as a writer for children and teens.





Featured in the roundtable:


Marcia Berneger, www.marciaberneger.com . Follow her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/marcia.berneger

N.L. Sharp, https://prairielandpress.com/

Kerrie Flanagan, http://hotchocolatepress.com/kerrie-home

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It’s Time For YOU To Write Books for Children & Teens

Now’s the perfect time to use your classroom experience and unique understanding of young readers to begin a career as a children’s book writer.

This remarkable 100% free eBook will get you on your way, with priceless advice from your fellow educators who have already made the jump!

You’ll learn….

*  How to translate your teaching experience into story ideas.

*  Tips for drawing on favorite classroom memories to create wonderful plots, characters and dialogue.

*  The basics of connecting with other writers, finding the correct age group, getting started writing and exploring publishing options.

And much, much more — all created for you by fellow teachers who understand the journey better than anyone!  It’s yours with no strings or obligation of any kind, and we will NEVER spam you or share your email address.

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