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Crafting Scenes with Emotional Intensity

Have you ever fallen deeply into a story and emerged changed forever? There are probably moments in the text that stay with you, important scenes sprinkled through your memory. Those are moments infused with emotion. Here’s how you can add emotional intensity to your work.

Document Your Year with a Writing Portfolio

You’re on a journey to writing success. Here’s a nifty method of tracking your progress to keep you inspired, energized and motivated.

Kill Your Darlings – Editing Your Manuscript to Remove Overused Words & Phrases

We all have them. Our darlings, those words, phrases, or even chunks of description that we use over and over, often unknowingly. When editing a manuscript, the ability to kill our darlings is a vital skill. Here’s how to do it…..

Building a Fiction Series

Getting a contract for single book is great. But how about signing deals for *multiple* books? Here’s to how get started creating fiction series, and multiply your writing success!

No More Fear. It’s Time to Finally Tap Your Writing Potential.

A published author of more than 50 books offers concrete steps to shed fear and reach your true potential.

A Journey Inside the Slush Pile – What REALLY Happens When You Submit Your Manuscript to an Agent or Publisher

Collecting rejection letters? Getting frustrated in your hunt for a publishing contract or agent? Here’s the inside scoop about how to conquer the dreaded slushpile and get your manuscript noticed!

The January Issue of Children’s Book Insider is Online!

2019 starts off with a bang! Here’s what’s in the January edition of Children’s Book Insider, the Children’s Writing Monthly…..

Tips for a Successful School Visit

I love speaking at schools and find being with students gives me the encouragement to keep on writing and speaking. The young eager children are great listeners and they ask thoughtful questions. With every appearance, I learned more about creating a successful school presentation.  Here are some tips you can use as you prepare for your own school visits:

Simple Techniques for Avoiding Rejection

by Geary Smith   Why was my children’s story submission rejected? I worked long and hard on the story and just knew it would be accepted this time.   That is the question many inspiring children’s writers asked themselves when reading over rejection letters. Most rejection letters will simply read, “not just right for our […]

The Sweet Kiss of Community: Remembering Todd Bol, Founder of Little Free Library

We say farewell to a man who brought books, understanding and hope to people around the globe.

9 Reasons Why Writing For Magazines May Be Perfect For You

by Suzanna Henshon   If your definition of breaking into publishing includes writing and selling a 300-page novel, or convincing a publisher to invest thousands of dollars in your picture book, you’re overlooking a substantial part of the market.   Magazines need new material on a weekly or monthly basis. Some writers start off by […]

How One Man’s Simple Idea Changed the Way the World Reads

Is it possible for one “regular” person to truly change the world? To bring hope and connection to millions?   When Todd Bol built a small, schoolhouse-shaped box for his mom – so she could share her favorite books with her neighbors — he wasn’t intending to create global change. But it happened.   Today, 77,000+ […]