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From Children's Book Insider: The Latest on Writing & Publishing Books for Children & Teens


A Message to the KidLit Writing Community

Hi folks, it’s Jon from Children’s Book Insider & Writing Blueprints.   In uncertain times, the best of humanity always manages to shine through. It’s a time to slow down, a time to reflect on what really matters and a time to let our creative selves flow freely.   Laura, Matt and I stand with each […]


Two CBI Subscribers Come Up Big in Major Nationwide Book Contest

At the end of 2017, we were contacted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) with a call for authors to submit to the CDC Amazing Baby Contest (for the final book in a series of early picture books that incorporate children’s developmental milestones into the story). We alerted our subscribers to the opportunity and, […]


Meet Editor/Author Frances Gilbert

A conversation with Frances Gilbert, Editor-in-Chief of Doubleday Books for Young Readers/Random House Children’s Books and author of the new book Go, Girls, Go!


How to Publish a Children’s Book, Part 1 – Understanding Children’s Book Categories

  The first step in knowing how to publish a children’s book is to understand the basic categories of children’s books and how they apply to your writing. Picture books, easy readers, chapter books, middle grade books and young adult novels each have their own sets of rules. In Part One on How to Publish […]


How to Publish a Children’s Book: Part 2 – Learn How Children’s Book Publishers Work

     Part Two of How to Publish a Children’s Book takes you inside a publishing house to explain exactly how books are selected, edited and published. This is true inside information that will give you a big edge in getting your children’s book published.   View How to Publish a Children’s Book Part 1 […]


How to Publish a Children’s Book, Part 3 – Understanding How Self-Publishing Works

In the final part of How to Publish a Children’s Book, Children’s Book Insider Publisher Laura Backes explains exactly how self-publishing works. This is vital information for those looking to directly put their work into the hands of children and teens around the world.


Get a Free Trial Edition of Picture Book Blueprint!

Our Picture Book Blueprint is the easiest way ever to write a great picture book. To give everyone a taste of the magic this step-by-step course provides, we’ve created a free Trial Edition that we’re offering for a limited time.   THE FREE TRIAL VERSION INCLUDES:   * Understanding the Picture Book Category * How […]


Writing Picture Books – Polish Your Manuscript to Perfection

Writing picture books is a true challenge. In fact, many authors consider writing a picture book to be the hardest type of writing there is, and yet editors receive more picture book manuscripts than any other genre. To make your work stand out from the crowd, you need to do more than study how to […]


9 Reasons Why Magazine Writing May Be Perfect For You

If your definition of breaking into publishing includes writing and selling a 300-page novel, or convincing a publisher to invest thousands of dollars in your picture book, you’re overlooking a substantial part of the market – magazine writing.

How to Deal with Critical Feedback on Your Work

As a writer, it’s hard to get far without feedback. But how do pros handle feedback that is less than enthusiastic? Here’s how to do it….

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