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CBI Interview: Picture Book Author Johnny Ray Moore

Author Johnny Ray Moore is a dual threat in kidlit: he can write in verse and in prose. The author of six published picture books, Moore’s newest book is a diverse, heartfelt lyrical celebration of winter, spring, summer and fall along with the joys of fatherhood in the aptly titled Seasonal Adventures (Reycraft, June 2021), illustrations by Cbabi Bayoc. The book was hailed by Kirkus as “a pure ode to nature and sincere Black boy joy.”

Kidlit Social #71: Alda P. Dobbs on Mining Your Family History to Create Compelling Fiction

On this episode, we meet Alda P. Dobbs, author of the acclaimed middle grade novel The Barefoot Dreams of Petra Luna. We talk about mining our family history for inspiration, and how to keep the spirit of the true stories alive while crafting compelling fiction.


Kidlit Social #70: Industry Pros Reveal – How to Know When Your Manuscript is Ready to Submit

On this episode we welcome three respected industry pros, who will help you answer the question: Is My Manuscript is Ready to Submit?

You’ll discover the signs to look for when your work is submission ready, and why such knowledge is vital to keeping the doors open to submissions at overwhelmed publishers and literary agencies.


Kidlit Social #69: ‘Radical Solutions’ to Beat Fear, Doubt & Criticism and Thrive Creatively

On this inspirational episode, meet award-winning Middle Grade/YA author and creative writing professor Todd Mitchell. Todd joins us to share insights from his new book Breakthrough: How to Overcome Doubt, Fear, and Resistance to Be Your Ultimate Creative Self.

Todd offers up some amazing, radical, perspective-shifting solutions for how to enhance creativity, deal with doubt, procrastination, and criticism, and make creative endeavors more enjoyable and effective.


Kidlit Social #68: Writing Graphic Novels for Beginning Readers

In this edition, meet authors Lola M. Schaefer and Jill Esbaum. Lola and Jill are both part of Simon & Schuster’s breakthrough Ready to Read Graphics series, which introduces young readers to the graphic novel concept.

This is an important trend, and one you should definitely be aware of. Lola and Jill l also share their thoughts on the Easy Reader market and give some great tips.


How Much Does a Children’s Author Make? How Do They Get Paid?

Ever wondered how to make money as a children’s writer? How much of each book sale goes to the author? In this post, we break down the way publishing pays authors and give the scoop on royalties, advances and more.


These Children Desperately Need Books. Can You Join Us In Helping Them?

We’re raising funds to help stock the library shelves of educational centers in some of India’s most impoverished areas. These are for children living under extreme conditions in mud huts with no electricity or plumbing, largely within the poorest of communities in India – the Dalits (also known as the Untouchables).  These children do not own any books.  Their parents are mostly illiterate and are daily wage earners who have suffered financially from the ongoing lockdowns in India.  Together, we can give these kids the gift of imagination, adventure and learning.

The CBI Interview: Caribbean Author Shakirah Bourne on Her Journey to Publication

Author and filmmaker Shakirah Bourne’s career is off to a fast start. In this interview, reprinted from the November 2021 edition of Children’s Book Insider, the Children’s Writing Monthly, meet this fascinating, up & coming author from the beautiful nation of Barbados.

Kidlit Social #66: What Every Writer Needs to Know About Podcasts, Virtual Author Tours & Media Kits

If you’re frustrated, intimidated or just plain flummoxed by marketing, this episode of the Kidlit Social is essential viewing.

Author, podcaster, course creator and coach Janine Bolon shares her expertise on how authors can promote themselves via virtual podcast tours and by creating standout media kits. Janine is the host of numerous podcasts including The Thriving Solopreneur Show, 3 Minute Money Tip, and The Writers Hour: Creative Conversations with Janine Bolon.


Kidlit Social #67: Henry Herz on Writing Stories That Surprise Readers – and Editors

Henry Herz’s ten picture books have earned acclaim for their surprising, unconventional spins on storytelling. On this episode of the Social, Henry shares his advice for taking fresh approaches to kidlit that can set your writing apart. He also delves into the world of short story writing for children and adults, an area in which he’s been particularly successful.

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