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From Children's Book Insider: The Latest on Writing & Publishing Books for Children & Teens


Top 5 Things Not to Skimp On When Self-Publishing

We get it — every penny counts when you’re self-publishing. Still, there are some areas that require a more open pocketbook.


Here are five things that you do not want to skimp on when self-publishing.


The Difference Between Middle Grade & Young Adult

by Laura Backes, Publisher, Children’s Book Insider   The author of the true, classic middle grade novel does not worry about vocabulary choices or simple sentence structure; once children are ready for these books they are good readers. Middle grade novels are characterized by the type of conflict encountered by the main character. Children in […]


How to Write a Powerful Ending

  The first few lines of any story are the most important — and often most difficult — words you’ll write. The next most challenging piece of writing is the ending. Once you draw your readers in and take them through your story, you need to leave them with a satisfying conclusion. Here, then, are […]


Dos and Don’ts of Writing for Children

DO:   Learn the market. Spend lots of time in your local bookstore and library, reading through current bestsellers. Try to discover what they have in common, and how they differ from the books of your childhood.      Perfect your craft. Before worrying about seeing your name in print, really learn how to write. […]


5 Reasons to Publish a Kindle eBook

We’ll be covering Kindle publishing extensively here at writeforkids. But, if for some reason you’re still not convinced that Kindle is for you, here are five clear reasons why you should jump on the Kindle bandwagon.

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