From Children's Book Insider: The Latest on Writing & Publishing Books for Children & Teens


Use Author Visits to Generate Book Ideas

Use author school visits to test out new story ideas for your next children’s book.


I Was a Serendipitous Children’s Writer

Noelle Sterne chronicles her unexpected route to writing for children.


Turn Your Inner Critic into a Wise Editor

Every writer I know has an inner critic. Even successful authors must put up with the nagging voice that pesters them as they work, feeding them negative messages about their writing. It’s time to silence this critical voice. Here’s how!


Ask Writer Alice: The Difference Between Middle Grade and Young Adult

Alice Kuipers explains the difference between middle grade and young adult fiction in terms of plots and characters.


#WeNeedDiverseBooks Starts Movement for Diversity in Children’s Books

The grassroots movement for diversity in children’s literature has grown to partner with School Library Journal and launch its first Indiegogo campaign.


Four Foolproof Ways to Hook Children’s Nonfiction Readers

If you write children’s nonfiction, you have only moments to grab your reader’s attention. Here’s how….


Ask Writer Alice: Trends and Books on Writing

Bestselling YA authors Alice Kuipers answers questions about following trends, and recommends some great books on writing.


Building the Perfect Monster, Bogeyman, or Other Creatures that Go Bump in the Night

Learn how to craft spine-tingling monsters, creepy creatures, and other scary beings when writing your children’s books.


Interactive eBooks for Kids Put the Readers in Control

Allowing your readers to tell you where the story needs to go can be a fun and freeing way to write ebooks for kids.


Writing New Adult Fiction

New Adult Fiction, with characters age 18-25, is exploding. But what, exactly, is New Adult, and how is it different from writing for young adults? Deborah Halverson, author of Writing New Adult Fiction, explains the ins and outs of NA in this interview.

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