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From Children's Book Insider: The Latest on Writing & Publishing Books for Children & Teens


Blow as Deep as You Want to Blow: Jack Kerouac on the Art of Writing

  In the late 50’s, Allen Ginsberg asked his friend Jack Kerouac to explain his concept of “spontaneous prose”. Kerouac responded with a series of maxims that are, in turn, inspirational, provocative and, sometimes, baffling.   And, like almost everything Kerouac did, they’re just plain cool.   This video picks some of our favorites. Watch […]


How to Get Your “Black Belt” in Writing Children’s Books

Successful authors have done one single, simple thing that has helped them vault to success writing children’s books.  In this video, Jon tells you exactly what it is!


How One Top Young Adult Author *Really* Feels About Social Media

When young adult author Alice Kuipers entered the world of social media, she got more than she bargained for. Find out how she overcame the overwhelm.


Standard Word Counts, Page Lengths and Formats for Self-Published Books, eBooks, Apps

If you’re self-publishing an ebook, app, or print book that you plan to sell online — bypassing the bookstores — you get to follow a slightly different set of “rules”.


Travel the World (Virtually) To Give Your Children’s Book a Great Setting

Ever wish you could give your book’s setting that “you are there” feeling, but can’t afford the plane ticket to do the in-person research? Now you can experience the next best thing: virtual travel.


Start Here: Writing for Children, Step One

Ready to learn the secrets of great writing direct from top authors? It’s easy and you can start today!


Here’s how…


How to Get a Free Master Class on Writing Children’s Books

Ready to learn the secrets of great writing direct from top authors? It’s easy and you can start today!


Here’s how…


Developing a Children’s App, Step 1: Determine Your Objectives

Are you thinking about creating an app for children, but have no idea where to start? Our App Expert Karen Robertson has helped many writers realize their goal of producing a children’s story app, and has created an easy step-by-step process.


In this post, she shares the first step in her system.


Top Editor Emma Dryden on Hot Children’s Book Trends & How to Connect with Teens

Recently, top children’s book editor Emma Dryden sat down for a video chat with CBI Publisher Laura Backes.


In this, the second of three parts, Emma weighs in on the latest publishing trends, and discusses how authors can connect with teens and tweens.


Book Marketing: How to Make Great Videos that Sell Books and Create Fans

With Youtube now the #2 search engine on earth, it’s vital that all writers know the ins and outs of crafting memorable videos.


In this exclusive webinar, learn how easy it is to create incredible videos that will help your book marketing efforts.

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