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From Children's Book Insider: The Latest on Writing & Publishing Books for Children & Teens


A 2 Minute Master Class in Time Management for Writers

Feeling stressed? Can’t get everything on your “to do” list done? Spend a minute or two with this infographic and start changing your relationship to time.


How to Write a Children’s Book with More Depth

A story that moves beyond the obvious is a story that appeals to young readers — and their parents. Find out how to add depth to your writing with these easy to follow tips.


7 Things Editors at Children’s Book Publishers Wish Writers Knew

Ever wonder what editors really think about the submissions they receive? Read on — and find out!


The Successful Children’s Writer: Many Eggs, Many Baskets

We’ve been working with children’s writers for 25 years, and we’ve discovered that what separates successful authors from also-rans isn’t always talent. A lot of times it has to do with it the way they think.


The Three Commandments of Writing a Picture Book

Many beginners believe writing a picture book is a breeze, but it requires a lot of skill to pack a story into a few words. If writing a picture book is your dream, here are some tips to consider before you begin


writeforkids Interview: Newbery Winner Kate DiCamillo on Writing From the Heart

interview by Anne Tews Schwab for writeforkids     (Paid subscriber to Children’s Book Insider? See the bottom of the post for bonus content!)     As she gracefully accepted her Newbery Medal on June 29, 2014, Ms. Kate DiCamillo spoke about her mother’s role in the creation of her award-winning book, Flora and Ulysses: […]


How to Change the World as a Children’s Book Writer

Introducing Worldreader, an amazing organization that is spreading literacy and understanding to millions of children. Here’s how you can get involved!


Lois Lowry on Her Writing Process — and the One Change She Would Make to The Giver.

Legendary author Lois Lowry discusses her writing process, and the one change she would make to The Giver.


How to Accept Feedback on Your Writing

Writing coach Teresa explains how to get constructive feedback from a writer’s group, and how to work with an editor on revisions.


Ten Tips for Promoting Your Book on Twitter

The author of “Twitter for Writers” provides 10 easy-to-follow tips for authors seeking to improve engagement and awareness using Twitter.

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