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Picture Book Shows How One Woman Changed the World

Just in time for Earth Day, picture book author Miranda Paul talks about her new picture book, One Plastic Bag: Isatou Ceesay and the Recycling Women of the Gambia, how to write impactful stories for children, and why we need more diversity in children’s literature.


How to Find the Perfect Literary Agent

A good literary agent is your partner for building a successful writing career. Writing coach Teresa Funke walks you through the process of finding the perfect agent.


How To Figure Out What Editors *Really* Want

by Jane Choate   Editors are famous—or is it infamous— for saying that they want something “new, fresh, different.” In the next breath, they state, “We want something like [insert current bestseller here].”   How do we, as writers, interpret this? I admit that I have been flummoxed by it. Editors want the next Hunger […]


Finish the Book Already!

Techniques for helping you finish that manuscript, even if you have a day job.


The Shortcut to Writing Stardom

Writers are being discovered by editors through their blogs and YouTube videos and offered contracts, even children’s book writers.


Ask Writer Alice: Writing Dialogue for Children and Teens

In her newest video, bestselling author Alice Kuipers gives her best tips on writing realistic dialogue for children and teens.


Here’s One of the Magic Keys of Picture Book Writing

  Based on 25 years of editing and critiquing thousands of manuscripts, CBI’s own Laura Backes has determined that all beloved picture books have 7 specific things in common, and that incorporating these 7 things into your picture book manuscript will give it a much greater chance of success.   This Wednesday (February 18th) Laura will reveal […]


What to Do with Your Crazy Ideas

Writing coach Teresa Funke offers steps to help you test your “crazy” ideas, whether it’s self-publishing your children’s book or launching a new website.


Want to Write Children’s Books But Not Sure How to Start?

A prolifically published author shares her tips for those who wish to write children’s books.


Do I Need an Agent?

Find out what a literary agent can do for you, and whether you really need one.

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