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From Children's Book Insider: The Latest on Writing & Publishing Books for Children & Teens


What to Do with Your Crazy Ideas

Writing coach Teresa Funke offers steps to help you test your “crazy” ideas, whether it’s self-publishing your children’s book or launching a new website.


Want to Write Children’s Books But Not Sure How to Start?

A prolifically published author shares her tips for those who wish to write children’s books.


Do I Need an Agent?

Find out what a literary agent can do for you, and whether you really need one.


Getting Reviews on Amazon for Your Self-Published eBook

Getting reviews for your self-published ebook is your first step in the marketing process. Our experts tell you how in this video.


Ask Writer Alice: When is My Manuscript Ready to Send to Agents or Editors?

In this short video, bestselling YA author Alice Kuipers talks about how to tell if your manuscript is ready to be submitted to publishers or an agent.


Kindle Picture eBooks Are For Real – and Here’s Proof

Kindle Picture eBooks are very hot. In this video, find out why you should be considering this opportunity *very* seriously.


Ask Writer Alice: Making Your Story Original

Author Alice Kuipers is back, and this time she addresses the question, “How do I make my story original for my readers?”


Take a Moment and Look at This — It May Change the Course of Your Life

In the next two minutes, you can identify your own obstacles and poor mental habits, and replace them with something far more conducive to success. Want to give it a shot?


A Writer’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays

In this quick video, Author/Writer’s Coach Teresa Funke offers tips on how to maintain your creative energy during the stressful holiday season.


Use Author Visits to Generate Book Ideas

Use author school visits to test out new story ideas for your next children’s book.

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