An Exclusive Children's Book Insider Event:

Children’s Nonfiction is booming - and now's the perfect time to become part of this exciting market.

It's a fact: children's nonfiction offers far more opportunities than fiction for getting published.

With increasing interest in nonfiction picture and gift books, graphic and YA nonfiction, Common Core and other initiatives, there are great opportunities for writers to find work and place projects in this fast-growing genre.

And children’s nonfiction can be every bit as creative, fun, and rewarding as fiction.

Now, in one powerful teaching session, Lionel Bender - author of more than 70 children's nonfiction books - will show you how to break into this expanding market... and succeed!

Lionel will provide clear, actionable direction that will help you get a running start on your thrilling journey to becoming a published children's nonfiction author.

Lionel Bender

Lionel Bender is the author of over 70 nonfiction books for children, and the editorial partner of Bender Richardson White, an editorial, design, and production team serving major book and magazine publishers in North America and Europe.

He is also a regular speaker on children's book publishing and self-publishing. He was the co-director of the 21st Century Children's Nonfiction Conference from 2013-2016.

We are thrilled to present this live interactive session with one of the most respected children's nonfiction experts in the publishing world.


Tuesday, June 23

From the comfort of your home 

  • Noon (Pacific)
  • 1 pm (Mountain)
  • 2 pm (Central)
  • 3 pm (Eastern)
  • 1900 GMT


Tuesday, June 23 (with on-demand replay):

Your opportunity to join the booming children's nonfiction market.

According to the Association of American Publishers, children’s and young adult nonfiction has generated the highest revenue growth in the kidlit market since 2014 - up almost 39% during that time!

This is a real opportunity for all kidlit writers.

On June 23, Lionel Bender, author of 70+ children's nonfiction books & editor of more than 1,300 nonfiction books, will show you exactly how to join the children's nonfiction boom:

On June 23, join Lionel for a ninety minute session (with lifetime on-demand video replay and an exclusive PDF handout packed with useful info) that will help you gain entry into the booming market of children's nonfiction.

In this comprehensive class you'll learn:

  • The current opportunities in kidlit nonfiction, and which niches are growing the fastest.
  • The different types of children's nonfiction, and which ones you might aim for.
  • The ingredients of a great nonfiction book.
  • Your choices for getting published, including traditional, self-publishing, book packagers, organizations and associations.
  • How to put together a nonfiction proposal for a publisher or agent.

You'll also get a comprehensive PDF handout to accompany the session, that includes:

  • A list of top children's nonfiction publishers (book and magazine).
  • A list of top book packagers.
  • The top ten nonfiction series/authors to study.
  • Useful nonfiction links.

Plus, Lionel will provide his exclusive analysis and insight and answer all your questions in a live Q&A session.

This is a rare chance to learn directly from an absolute expert in children's nonfiction. Don't miss it!

This session is pure instruction, it's complete (nothing more to buy afterward) and nothing additional will be sold. 

Your purchase includes a PDF takeaway and lifetime access to the video replay.


The cost for everything is just $47! It will be the best investment you make this year in building your writing career.

Please note — this special price is only for folks who register now. Once the class takes place and the recording is put up for sale to everyone else, the price will go up to $67. 

Even if you can't make it live, buying now will lock you in for the lifetime replay at this one-time-only price.

Reserve your $47 spot now by clicking below:

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