Happy 2017!
As writers, we can often feel frustrated, and even overwhelmed, by our perceived smallness.
We look at bestselling authors and marvel at their success, but also beat ourselves up for not having the reach and impact that they do.  We wonder whether our efforts truly matter, and whether the world really needs our contributions.
If we can give you one gift, it would be to erase that sort of thinking from your mind.
Because you matter.
Because your work matters.
Because it only takes one reader to be changed and moved by your words for you to set in motion a massive impact on this planet.
We like to think that big changes in the world happen only by big people doing big things. But that’s not true at all.  The history of the planet is really the history of the “butterfly effect”.  Of people with vision inspiring others, who then inspire others.
You are a critical part of this cycle, and you absolutely cannot give up and break this chain.  Your butterfly wings can create a hurricane of humanity, decency and hope.
But only if you are willing to fly.
We’d like to share this poem with you.  It’s by Victor Ratner and Moshe Davis, and it so beautifully represents your potential to transform the world.

A candle is a small thing.

But one candle can light another.

And see how its own light increases, as a candle gives its flame to the other.

You are such a light.

This is your year.  This is our year.   Let’s flap our butterfly wings.  Let’s fly, and make things better.
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