Literacy Matters

We have a choice.

A world in which literacy rates keep declining, and fear, hatred and ignorance continue to rise.

Or a world in which every child has the opportunity to learn, grow and connect through reading. 



We’re making a stand for worldwide literacy,

and we’re inviting each of you to  come along and participate. 


We invite you to explore the work of these outstanding nonprofits who are promoting reading, building schools and bringing educational opportunities to children everywhere.




Worldreader provides  technology and ebooks to children in developing nations, giving teachers the tools to teach reading, families the opportunity to learn together, and children a pipeline to the outside world and the possibilities it contains.

To learn more about Worldreader, visit their website.





World Teacher Aid enlists North American schoolchildren to help build schools in sub-Saharan Africa, using children’s books that the schoolkids create to raise the needed funds!

If you’re a teacher and want to learn more about how to get involved in a World Teacher Aid program, click here.




Here’s a look at the staggering cost of illiteracy:



Literacy in the World 










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