Data from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) shows that 617 million children and adolescents worldwide are not achieving minimum proficiency levels in reading and mathematics. 


“The figures are staggering both in terms of the waste of human potential and for the prospects of achieving sustainable development,” says Silvia Montoya Director of UIS, “yet many of these children are not hidden or isolated from their governments and communities – they are sitting in classrooms with their own aspirations and potential. We can reach these kids, but not by simply hoping that they stay in school and grasp the basics. These new data are a wake-up call for far greater investment in the quality of education.”


No matter where you live, this affects you.


Lack of literacy leads to a world filled with fear, ignorance and a population susceptible to calls for hatred and violence.


To learn more, read the full report here.



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    Tessa Kruger
    Tessa Kruger
    7 years ago

    As soon as I see it, I want to change the kids outlooks, their needs, their flight into an imaginary and a real world where they can fly and read and grow, but how? CBI, where and how can I start?