When Amazon released their Kindle Kids Book Creator software back in September, we jumped on the opportunity to create a full “how to” course on creating Kindle Picture eBooks using the free program.  That’s because we had a strong gut feeling that this was a watershed moment in children’s publishing.


It looks like our gut was correct.  Recently, K-Lytics.com, a site devoted to tracking eBook trends, found a major jump in the number of children’s eBooks being published and sold on Amazon.  They point specifically to the introduction of Kindle Kids Book Creator as the cause, and they make a strong argument.


This is just getting started folks, and we implore you to think seriously about this opportunity.  And to check out the easy “on ramp” to publishing Kindle Picture eBooks — our own Picture eBook Mastery course.


Please take a few moments to watch the video.  It’s really exciting stuff!






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