Note: See link below to download Jenny’s Librarian Advocacy Kit that will give you the tools to support *your* local school libraries. This is an effort that takes all of us, and this kit will make it easy for you to make a real difference!



On this episode of The Kidlit Social, meet author, school book committee chairperson, mother and library advocate J.F. (Jenny) Fox.  Jenny’s books include books include Friday Night Wrestlefest (Roaring Brook) and the Head-to-Head History series (Kids Can Press)





Jenny’s taking on a big task – to educate the writing community about the loss of funding for school libraries (exemplified by the stunning fact that New York City has lost 2/3 of its school librarians since 2005), why school librarians are so important and how funding cuts impact our most vulnerable student populations (including students in poverty and ELL/ESL students).






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    Diane Garratt
    Diane Garratt
    10 months ago

    One of the most important webinars I’ve seen. I’m sure many people don’t know what is happening. I didn’t!

    Thank you!