In this episode, we welcome Jennifer Brody (a.k.a. Vera Strange) the award-winning author of ten books, including The 13th Continuum trilogy, the Disney Chills book series, and the Stoker Finalist graphic novel Spectre Deep 6 and 200 with Eisner-winning artist and syndicated cartoonist Jules Rivera, prompting Forbes to call Brody “a star in the graphic novel world.”


Laura and Jennifer talk about writing speculative fiction for middle grade and young adult, and what’s happening in the exciting graphic novel market.






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What to Include in Your Graphic Novel Pitch by Maria Vicente, Literary Agent —


How to Format and Script Graphic Novels by Lara Willard —


The Definitive List of Comic Publisher Submission Guidelines by Jason Thibault — Note: This post is from 2019, so be sure to check current guidelines from each publisher. But it’s a good resource to study how different publishers ask that graphic novel manuscripts be submitted.






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