It's Your Time Level Two - One-on-One Live Coaching!


You’ve made fantastic progress thanks to It’s Your Time!

Now, it’s time to


Take It To The Next Level!



Announcing It’s Your Time Level Two.

Join  Jon and Andrea for an eight-week journey that’s all about you!




✔ This is real coaching with one-on-one interaction in a small group, that will help make the skills you’ve learned in It’s Your Time! lifelong habits.


✔ You’ll get direct interaction and coaching on whatever is going on in your life.


✔ You’ll get eight weekly sessions with the group, in which you – along with each member – get time to discuss exactly what you need help with, and receive specific coaching from Andrea to overcome any obstacles and keep moving forward.  You can participate via webcam, microphone or chat box.


✔ You’ll get a full review with personal tips for each of the topics covered in It’s Your Time! along with specific steps to make your new outlook a permanent part of your life.


✔ You’ll be right there, participating, sharing, helping others in the group while you help yourself.  This is a chance to play big — and change others’ lives while transforming your own.


✔ You’ll have full access to a private Facebook group, to view recordings and discuss your progress.


✔ You’ll truly be able to say “I have a personal coach!”  Imagine how empowering it will be to have someone so skilled and experienced who truly cares about your life — and who can so quickly offer solutions to problems that are holding you back.



For her corporate clients, Andrea typically charges between $3500-$4000 for a program such as this.   But, because she is deeply committed to helping you change the world through your writing, Andrea is offering this program at a price you can truly afford.



The entire program — 8 group coaching sessions with one-on-one interaction and private Facebook Group will cost…





(Please, as a favor to Andrea, do not share this with anyone else.  

This pricing is only for It’s Your Time! Level One graduates.)



And, to make it even easier, if you order using Paypal’s Credit option, you have six full months to pay the balance without interest!



Ready to take your life to the next level?   Click Here!

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