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Book apps represent one of the most remarkable creative outlets ever created for children’s writers. In this discussion with writeforkids’ resident app expert Karen Robertson, you’ll discover what a book app is, what kinds of things you can do inside an app and how to begin to develop an app of your own!







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Resources mentioned in this interview:





Video: “Book App Examples to Inspire”


How to Develop an App:

Karen’s App Creation & Promotion Resources



Book App Academy - use this

Book App Academy Online Course



How to Market a Book App


Authors Guide  Author’s Guide To Book Apps


Karen Robertson is the author of two award-winning storybook apps from her “Treasure Kai” series, and she specializes in teaching other writers how to publish their books as apps. She’s written a number of books and training programs on this topic and speaks internationally. Karen is the president and co-founder of the Book App Alliance, a new organization of industry leading authors creating interactive books for kids. She was inspired to create interactive, multi-sensory reading experiences for kids by her sons, who are dyslexic. You can learn more about her work at




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