Based on 25 years of editing and critiquing thousands of manuscripts, CBI’s own Laura Backes has determined that all beloved picture books have 7 specific things in common, and that incorporating these 7 things into your picture book manuscript will give it a much greater chance of success.


This Wednesday (February 18th) Laura will reveal these 7 magic keys for the first time, and tell exactly how to use this discovery to take your picture book manuscripts to an entirely new level during her all-new Picture Book Blueprint webinar.
Today, we have a little surprise for you — Laura will share one of the 7 Magic Keys that, after spending 25 years editing and critiquing picture book manuscripts, she has determined to be essential to a successful picture book.


Ready?  Here’s…



MAGIC KEY #5 —  Great Picture Books Leave Page-turning Breadcrumbs for the Child to Discover.

Did you know that no editor, parent, grandparent or teacher is going to buy a picture book that will only get read once? A successful picture book must demand repeated readings to justify its very existence. 


When you write a picture book, you’re taking the child on a journey from the first page to the last. But a young child won’t stick with your story unless there’s a good reason to keep turning the pages. During Picture Book Blueprint, Laura will show you how successful authors have planted these “breadcrumbs” to keep their readers on the path to the end of the book. Some include:


* the rhythm of text that implies a surprise on the next page 

* a question that is asked, then answered in a surprising way after the page-turn 

* a joke whose punchline is revealed on the next page 

* a problem that gets bigger and bigger

* a complication that is shown only through the illustrations, making the reader aware of something the character doesn’t know



During the webinar, Laura will give you concrete steps to create a page-turner of a picture book.  Just by incorporating this concept into your next picture book manuscript, you’ll gain a big edge over other manuscripts vying for an editor’s attention.


And wait until you also include the other 6 Magic Keys!


If you haven’t already reserved your spot, register for Picture Book Blueprint now, and you’ll learn how to your picture books the ones kids beg to have read to them again and again.


Picture Book Blueprint:  The 7 Things ALL Great Picture Books Have in Common – And How to Incorporate Them Into Every Manuscript You Write.


In this live 90 minute workshop, you’ll discover:

* The 7 magic keys to a memorable picture book.* How to incorporate each key into your own writing.* How to use these keys to develop your unique voice.

* How to use the 7 keys to give your story an all-important “hook”.

* A Blueprint that you can use again and again to create original, compelling and magical picture books.


After 90 fun minutes of learning, you’ll have a huge edge over the competition, and have a clear, easy-to-follow Blueprint for picture book success.


It’s a live event, but if you can’t attend while it’s happening, no worries — a full replay will be available on demand for all who register, along with all the handouts.


For full details and to save your space (and get a special low price) go to




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