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Now, here’s our hand-picked selection of articles about how to write a children’s book. These are perfect places for beginning folks to start. Enjoy!



Kidlit Social #85: The Final Kidlit Social: Ask Laura Anything!

When we created the Kidlit Social back in the spring of 2020, it was meant to be a temporary thing to keep folks connected during the pandemic.…

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Kidlit Social #83: Picture Books – A Look Into the Author/Illustrator Relationship

On this episode, Laura welcomes John Bray and Josh Cleland, the author/illustrator team behind the acclaimed new picture book The…

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Kidlit Social #82: The Texas Librarians Spearheading a New Anti-Censorship Movement

On this episode,  Laura welcomes Carolyn Foote and Becky Calzada, two Texas school librarians who, along with librarian Nancy Jo Lambert,…

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Kidlit Social #81: Meet the Publisher, with Robert Agis of Starry Forest Books

On this episode,  Laura welcomes publisher Robert Agis.  Robert is President of Starry Forest Books, an independent publisher with titles…

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Kidlit Social #80: How to Write an Exceptional Book Description with Michelle Schusterman

On this episode, Laura welcomes author, writing instructor and ghost writer Michelle Schusterman. Michelle is the author of over a dozen…

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Kidlit Social #79: Chris Barton on Supporting Teachers & Free Expression in the Classroom

On this episode, Laura welcomes Chris Barton, author of 23 books including the New York Times Bestseller Shark vs. Train. Chris discusses a…

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Kidlit Social #78: Writing Picture Books with Layers and Purpose with Carol Gordon Ekster

On this episode, Laura welcomes picture book author Carol Gordon Ekster (Some Daddies, Before I Sleep I Say Thank You, You Know What?, Where…

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Kidlit Social #77: Meet Sarah Baker, SCBWI’s New Executive Director

On this episode, Laura welcomes Sarah Baker, the new Executive Director of the Society for Children’s Book Writers &…

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Kidlit Social #76: April Cox on Self-Publishing the Right Way

On this episode, we welcome children’s book author and self-publishing coach April Cox.
April is the founder of…

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A Chat With Renowned Children’s Author Laura Numeroff

by Sharon O. Blumberg
Laura Numeroff is an acclaimed #1 New York Times best-selling children’s author of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and…

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Kidlit Social #75: 2nd Anniversary Edition – Laura Answers Your Writing Questions!

On this episode, we celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the Kidlit Social with an “Ask Laura Anything” special!  Laura…

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Michael Sampson, NYT Best-Selling Author & Collaborator with Bill Martin Jr.

by Sharon O. Blumberg
Dr. Michael Sampson is a New York Times best selling author of 36 books for young children, including Chicka, Chicka,…

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Kidlit Social #70: Industry Pros Reveal – How to Know When Your Manuscript is Ready to Submit

On this episode of The Kidlit Social we welcome three respected industry pros, who will help you answer the question:
Is My…

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How Much Does a Children's Author Make?

How Much Does a Children’s Author Make? How Do They Get Paid?

Ever wondered how much money a typical children’s author can make? Or how much of each book sale goes to the author?
In this post, we break…

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Writing Nonfiction for Children – Where the Opportunities Are Right Now

Here’s a meaty excerpt from The Children’s Nonfiction Market: How To Break In & How to Succeed, a Writing Blueprints workshop…

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Kidlit Social #60 Replay: Nathan Bransford on Finding Your Story’s Hook

On this episode of The Kidlit Social, meet Nathan Bransford, author of the Jacob Wonderbar middle grade series, the writing guides How to…

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Kidlit Distancing Social #46 Replay: Jean Daigneau & Gloria Adams on How to Get Your Manuscript Submission-Ready

In this episode, two veteran kidlit authors will share their best self-editing tips to help you get your manuscripts…

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Kidlit Distancing Social #37 Replay – Darcy Pattison on Self-Publishing & the Path to Success as an Indie Author

This week, meet Darcy Pattison, a prolific kidlit author who has found great success self-publishing her own work. Darcy’s authored…

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Kidlit Distancing Social #25 Replay – Brian Weisfeld on Writing Books that Promote a Passion & Deliver a Message

This week, we welcome Brian Weisfeld, author of The Startup Squad series (Macmillan), is devoted to empowering girls with an entrepreneurial…

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Kidlit Distancing Social #24 Replay – Brooke McIntyre on Finding, Joining & Getting the Most of a Critique Group

This week, we welcome Brooke McIntyre, the founder of InkedVoices, a platform for writing groups and an online space for writers. In our virtual…

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