Coronavirus / COVID-19 - Four Free Writing Resources for Stay at Home Parents, Kids & Writers

At Children’s Book Insider, we’ve been fortunate to serve the writing community for thirty years and we want to do everything we can to give back during this time.
We’ve created some wonderful free resources for those who write for children (or want to use this moment in time to start on the children’s writing path). And we also have some very cool freebies specifically designed for young people who want to get started writing, too!
There are no costs or obligations for any of these – they’re gifts to our beloved community to help ease the difficulties of staying home as a result of Coronavirus / COVID-19 .







This free resource boils 30 years of our best children’s writing wisdom into one handy reference that writers will turn to again and again.
Here’s some of what it includes:
* Word Counts & Age Groups for Every Kidlit Category
* FAQs, Glossaries and Reading Lists
* Category-Specific Tips, from Picture Books Through Young Adult Novels
* 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Manuscript
* How to Write for Magazines ….and more
Here’s where to get it:




A three part video series from Children’s Book Insider Publisher Laura Backes simply and clearly explains how children’s publishing works (both traditional and self-publishing).
Here are the videos:
How to Publish a Children’s Book, Part 1 – Understanding Children’s Book Categories
How to Publish a Children’s Book, Part 2 – Learn How Children’s Book Publishers Work
How to Publish a Children’s Book, Part 3 – Understanding How Self-Publishing Works


With kids stuck at home, it’s important to keep their learning and creativity moving forward.  So we have to gifts for young writers.  (Please note – we cannot accept registrations from children 13 years old or young.  Please have an adult register on the child’s behalf.)




This is a video-based, step-by-step writing course for kids created by award winning author Alice Kuipers.  It’s fun, really thorough and will empower your kiddos to create lots of great stories to keep everyone entertained. It’s specifically designed for children ages 6-10, but teens will love it too.
We’ve made the entire course free for anyone who wants it. It’s a perfect alternative to video games and TV, and it just might set your young ‘uns off on a  lifetime writing journey.
Here’s where to get it:



Now you can teach children what it’s like to be a professional author, and give them an exciting lesson about the real people who kept America running during another trying time for our nation – World War II.
In this recording of Teresa’s popular author assembly, My Author Journey,  renowned kidlit writer Teresa Funke shares her experience as an author and takes young people on a journey back to the World War II homefront. Teresa is offering the entire presentation, including slides and handouts, as a gift to parents and teachers seeking to enrich young minds during this difficult time.
Get it here:




Please feel free to share this page anywhere it can be helpful.  🙂

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A Gift For You:
30 Years of Children’s Writing Wisdom in One Place – and It’s Yours Free!


✏  Word Counts & Age Groups for Every Kidlit Category

✏  FAQs, Glossaries and Reading Lists

✏  Category-specific Tips, from Picture Books Through Young Adult Novels

✏  5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Manuscript

✏  Writing For Magazines …and more!



This is a gift from the editors of Children’s Book Insider, and there’s no cost or obligation of any kind.

We will never spam you or share your personal information with anyone.  Promise!

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    Dean Reynolds
    Dean Reynolds
    2 years ago

    Thanks team.
    Have most of this on file … but a very nice thought in these troubling times.
    Your site has been an excellent source.
    Your hard work does not go unnoticed.
    Kind Regards
    Dean Reynolds
    Portarlington 3223
    Australia (down under)

    2 years ago

    I really have to try to let my children to start using their creativity to start writing. thank you so much. Ill tell them to stop playing games