A Complete Classroom Presentation Free for All Teachers and Parents!

Now you can teach children what it's like to be a professional author, and give them an exciting lesson about the real people who kept America running during another trying time for our nation - World War II.

In this recording of Teresa’s popular author assembly, My Author Journey, renowned kidlit writer Teresa Funke answers the two questions she’s most often asked by students:

1. When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

2. What’s the hardest thing about being a writer?

Teresa specializes in crafting stories about the people whose lives were impacted by World War II, and this presentation offers many fascinating tidbits about that era and vivid descriptions on the background of each story and the real people on whom they are based.

Teresa closes with positive messaging about the importance of children’s voices and how when those voices are expressed through writing, students can make a real difference in their world, much as did the kids of World War II.

Teresa is offering the entire presentation, including slides and handouts, as a gift to parents and teachers seeking to enrich young minds during this difficult time.

There is no cost or obligation of any kind.

You'll Get:

Video Recording of “My Author Journey” school presentation, running about 45 minutes, for view by grades 3 and up.

Children in WWII Slideshow by Teresa R. Funke.” This slideshow is provided in two formats:

  • A PowerPoint presentation designed to run as a slideshow so the kids can read along as each slide turns. There is no sound on this slideshow to allow students to concentrate on reading the slides or to allow teachers to read them aloud or speak over them. (Note: You can also open the PowerPoint presentation in Google Slides and then click the “Present” button in the upper right corner to start the slideshow.)
  • A PDF slideshow that allows you to manually advance each slide if you want to pause on certain slides to add your own narration or related lesson points.

Family History Worksheet: This printable PDF worksheet is designed to encourage students to record their family’s history, beginning with questions about their family’s involvement in World War II and ending with an invitation for them to interview their parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents about life when they were young.

Note: If you're 13 or younger, please ask an adult to request this information for you. We cannot accept requests from kids directly. Thanks!