Hi folks, it’s Jon from Children’s Book Insider & Writing Blueprints.


In uncertain times, the best of humanity always manages to shine through. It’s a time to slow down, a time to reflect on what really matters and a time to let our creative selves flow freely.


Laura, Matt and I stand with each of you through this brief but turbulent moment in history.  And we want to do whatever we can to help.


(And, oh yeah, stick around to the end of the post for a little story that you might find very helpful.)


First, here are a few things we’d like to share:


*  If you have young ones at home, we have something special just for them.  It’s a wonderful program created by award-winning author Alice Kuipers called Young Writer’s Blueprint.


It’s a step-by-step writing course for kids.  It’s fun, really thorough and will empower your kiddos to create lots of great stories to keep everyone entertained. It’s specifically designed for children ages 6-10, but teens will love it too.

We’ve made the entire course free for anyone who wants it. It’s a perfect alternative to video games and TV, and it just might set your young ‘uns off on a  lifetime writing journey.


(Please note:  An adult needs to actually do the signing up for the course. We cannot accept email addresses from anyone 13 and younger.)


Here’s where to get it:


Feel free to share this post, so that other parents can take advantage, too.  🙂


* Next, for the grownups:

We’d like everyone to have 20% off everything on the Writing Blueprints site.

The Blueprints are a perfect way to make use of your time at home and, because they walk you step-by-step through the process of writing, revising and publishing your book, they’re really great as mindfulness tools.

You’ll be absorbed in the creative process, which is something we all really could use.

Use the coupon code  JOYFUL at checkout for your 20% discount.

You can find everything here:


Now for that story….

A while back, I tested for my black belt in kempo karate.  It was a grueling affair – 8 1/2 hours of intense mental and physical tests.

At one point, we were told to run up a steep hill and, when we got to the top, perform one of our forms. Then back down, then back up. Over and over.

People half my age were green at the gills (and worse!) and I wondered exactly how much more I could take.  I fought back as my mind told me to just quit.

Just then, after coming down the hill, my Sensei (teacher) walked up to me and said:

“You know this is gonna end, right?  This will not last forever.”

Something switched in my brain.  Because, when you’re running up and down a hill, it’s easy to start thinking you’ll spend the rest of your life running up and down that hill. When you’re inside an intense ordeal, it’s hard to see anything else.

Until someone is kind enough to remind you that:

“You know this is gonna end, right?  This will not last forever.”

After that, my mindset changed completely.  I immediately told myself “Every step I take, every minute that passes is one step and one minute closer to the end. And then I’ll celebrate.”


For the rest of the test, I kept the image of receiving my belt and the wonderful feeling I’d have front and center.  And I kept telling myself “another minute closer to the end.”


So, members of our beloved CBI family, I tell you that this will not last forever.  This will end.  And then, we will all celebrate.


Stay strong.  And start creating something beautiful.


All the Best,


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    2 years ago

    Thanks Jon!
    We all need to here those words right now.
    It is frustrating even when you know what’s true, you have to go along with it.

    Lisa Pfalzgraff