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We’ll be covering Kindle publishing extensively here at writeforkids.  But, if for some reason you’re still not convinced that Kindle is for you, here are five clear reasons why you should jump on the Kindle bandwagon:


It’s Free — Right now it costs you nothing to publish your eBook on Kindle. You simply follow the instructions given on Kindle Direct Publishing, and you’re in business. If you follow the formatting guidelines and the advice you’ll do great and have a professional looking book uploaded in the right format. Free!
It’s Simple — Honestly, if you can write your book in Word, you can publish your Kindle eBook in minutes. It’s not really very difficult. However, a lot of service providers are now offering Kindle publishing services. If you already have a manuscript you can get one of these service providers to do the rest for you. Prices range from 50 dollars and up. It depends on how long your book is, how many graphics it has and the expertise of the person doing the formatting.  Doing it yourself, though, is quite easy.  (We have a simple, under $10 guide that explains it all in step-by-step fashion.)
There’s a Ready Made Audience — Amazon and Kindle owners are a readymade audience for your books. In addition, your book will appear beside search results, and other results based on what people look at and search for. Even with barely any marketing you will have a few sales. To be truly successful though, you’ll need to market your book too. Thankfully, Kindle Direct Publishing offers many ways to promote.
They Own The Market  — Amazon owns the lion’s share of the digital book market.  Self-publishers report that as much as 85% of their sales come via the Big A.
People Without Kindles Can Read It Too — Just because it’s published on Kindle doesn’t mean a person has to have a Kindle to read it. There are many mobile devices and tablets now that have a Kindle app that allows many new people to read the Kindle book without owning a Kindle!


Convinced?  Stay tuned for much more!



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