For book marketing, Facebook really is an author’s best friend.  Whether you’re promoting your new book or just trying to develop a fanbase, you can’t beat FB.   But you can make it better!

Here are three Facebook tools that will let you do some truly cool promoting, simply and cheaply: — You can use this app to create, promote and track your book marketing campaign. You can use their easy templates to make awesome Facebook Pages, and unlock over 20 apps to use to make your Facebook page better such as contests, coupons, video, email forms and more. You can also integrate your Facebook with Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media accounts easily. This also has a convenient WordPress blog feed app.

PageModo — Want to design a great cover photo easily? Want to schedule posts? Want to create customized tabs and run contests? PageModo has it all. This app makes it super easy to create new cover images so that you can keep your cover images fresh and new. You don’t need any design skills or coding experience. Just use the awesome templates provided and have fun too. They even offer some free stock photos to choose from to help you. Try it for free. — WeBuzz lets you customize your Facebook Page easily. You can embed your website onto your Facebook Page, create a more attractive photo gallery, integrate your YouTube Channel, highlight your most important information, run polls, create virtual gifts, run a countdown until your book is released, and so much more. Start free, and then choose a plan that works for you. They also have an excellent tutorial.

For more — much more — about using Facebook to grow your career and sell lots of books, check out How to Promote Your Book on Facebook, our full eCourse that’s packed with  easy, step-by-step instruction!

market your book on facebook

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