“With Children’s Book Insider on my side, I went from being unpublished straight to the bestseller list! If you dream of writing for children or teens, CBI is the place for you.” Ken Derby, author, The Top 10 Ways to Ruin the First Day of School





If you want to become a successful children’s author and you’re not currently subscribing to Children’s Book Insider, the Children’s Writing Monthly, you’re making your life much harder than need be.


To help set things right, we have three big reasons to become an Insider now:


* A once-in-a-lifetime submissions opportunity with a publishing powerhouse


* The chance to get your questions answered on a regular basis by one of children’s writing’s most renowned experts — free.


* A big, big discount.



First, the incredible publishing opportunity:


Throughout the year we offer Insiders exclusive Above the Slushpile™ submissions codes. These are secret codes that, when included with your submission to top editors and agents, allow you to jump over the slushpile and get immediate attention. And sometimes, we even get a code that will get your submission read at houses that aren’t even accepting unsolicited submissions!


The November issue of CBI features one such code. A two month window to submit your work directly to an editor at…..


Wow. Just so you understand — Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers is closed to unsolicited submissions. This is the only way to submit if you don’t have an agent.


And only if you’re a CBI Insider. (Keep reading to find out how to become one — at a big discount — before November and get this Above the Slushpile™ code!)



Now, the free help from an expert….


We just had one of our regular “Ask Laura Anything” sessions for Insiders. Laura spent almost two hours answering every question our Insiders had.


Imagine if you had the regular opportunity to — at no additional cost — have one of children’s writing’s most renowned and respected experts answer your questions?


Once you’re an Insider you won’t have to imagine any more. You’ll be invited to attend these regular Ask Laura Anything sessions. It’s included in your membership!


To show you just how great these sessions are, we’d like to gift you the entire session from this week! It’s packed with insight and advice and, by itself, is worth far more than the pittance it costs to become an Insider.


Here’s the link — watch and enjoy!







The regular price to become an Insider is just $49.95 for the full year. That includes:


* 12 downloadable issues of Children’s Book Insider, the Children’s Writing Monthly, packed with market news about publishers, agents and contents, in-depth instruction, interviews with top editors and agents, and much, much more.


* Above the Slushpile™ submission opportunities that give your submissions priority status at top publishers and agents.


* The Children’s Writing Knowledge Base, our giant searchable library filled with answers to all your writing questions.


* Our private Facebook groups for support and community.


* Seven years of back issues!


* Regular “Ask Laura Anything” sessions.


* b, including complete courses, ebooks, webinars and more, all waiting for you as soon as you join.


Yep, $49.95 is really cheap for that kind of value. But you know what’s even cheaper?






That’s right — for a very limited time you can become an Insider for just $39.95 and get everything (including the upcoming November issue with the Simon & Schuster Above the Slushpile™ code)


So let’s do this — it’s the perfect time to get your career in gear and start earning the success you deserve.


We leave you with the words of a longtime subscriber:



“I can’t imagine not subscribing to CBI and taking myself seriously as a children’s writer”



Amen to that! Come join us now at






We can’t wait to welcome you to the Insiders!



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