In this video, Jon reviews KindleSpy, a powerful program that digs into Amazon’s Kindle bestseller lists and delivers information that can help any eBook author succeed.


Jon will demonstrate how KindleSpy:



* helps you determine which Kindle niches have buyers and which ones don’t (spoiler alert: don’t even think about writing an kids’ eBook about motorcycles.  There is, however, a similar niche that’s golden!)

* shows you which words appear most often in the titles and descriptions of current bestsellers in your niche

* allows you “reverse engineer” successful eBooks in your niche, and will even give you a specific roadmap for how to successfully promote your eBook


If you’re already publishing for Kindle or just thinking about it, you should watch this video.  It could save you a lot of time, money and heartache.


If you want to get KindleSpy, here’s a special affiliate link that will save you $50….




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