A few weeks back we talked about author marketing. Many of you have made great strides since then, but I know that marketing is still an intimidating proposition for most writers.


So, I’ve got a freebie for you…


It’s my new free report:




It’s called The 10 Minute Turnaround: Overcome Your Fear of Marketing and Start Connecting with Readers Now!


It’s 100% free and I think you’ll really like it. Hopefully, it’s what gets you over the final hurdle and helps put you into action.


To download your free copy right now, go to http://easyauthormarketing.com/free-report


Enjoy!  (And tell anyone you know who might benefit from it.  This report is free for everyone.)


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Free 5 Part Beginner’s Video Series!


✏  Understanding children’s book categories

✏  Step-by-step through the publishing process

✏  Coming up with ideas for your children’s book

✏  How to start writing your children’s book tonight

✏  Our top tips for children’s writing success – backed by 30 years of experience


PLUS: Free ebooks, writing tools and more!

And you’ll enjoy a full copy of Children’s Book Insider, the Children’s Writing Monthly!



This is a gift from the editors of Children’s Book Insider, and there’s no cost or obligation of any kind.

We will never spam you or share your personal information with anyone.  Promise!

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