The replay of Teresa’s wonderful webinar — How to Write Respectfully Outside Your Own Experience — is now online and waiting for you!


Click this link to find the replay, slides and handout:


and click the “Get Access Now” button.


It’s on our Writing Blueprints site, so it will be easily available to you along with your other Writing Blueprints purchases. If you’re already a member of the site, just log in when prompted and you’ll find the replay under “My Courses”.


If you’re new to the site, just go ahead and set up a password and you’ll be all set. There’s no additional cost.


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    1. Jane Buttery
      March 31st

      Looking forward to more advice that helps yet again!

    2. Really excited about this latest offering in the Writing Blueprint series of online courses. CBI rocks!

    3. Cheryl
      March 27th

      You guys rock! Can’t wait!

    4. Male dialogue, those words from a boy’s POV are so difficult to write when you are a girl/ woman. I hope you will give good advice about this type of dialogue. Great examples of chapter and MG books are always helpful also.l

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