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Download the Handouts:

Picture Book Blueprint slides

Picture Book Blueprint worksheet


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    1. Susan Weaver Jones
      February 19th

      Laura’s webinar was interesting and informative, with specific examples to support the key elements in her Picture Book Blueprint. I found the webinar quite helpful and worthwhile! Thank you for offering it!

    2. Regina Montana
      February 19th

      Dear Laura,
      Your webinar far surpassed any class I have ever taken. The essential elements for a successful picture book along with perfect examples from published books made these two hours for me
      the groundwork that I need to base my stories on. I know that I have to return to the drawing board if my books will ever see the light of day.
      Thank you

    3. GIna Wane
      February 19th

      I really enjoyed the webinar. The teaching was clear and insightful. I wished that I could see the other participants questions because I think a lot of learning goes on through other people’s ideas, comments, and questions.
      I wished it wasn’t in the middle of the day. I was a work at was trying to watch while attend to my other duties. In the evening would help tremendously for those of us who work during the day.
      Thanks for all you do to help us with our writing.



    4. Glynis Davies
      February 20th

      Dear Laura,
      Yesterday’s webinar was an inspiration.
      Thank you,

    5. Marianella Machado
      February 20th

      Dear Laura,
      Your webinar has greatly surpassed my expectations on the subject of wiring children’s pictures books. Thank you so much for teaching us the way to go. You did an EXCELLENT presentation on what a serious PB writer must know and follow, in order to be successful. Also, your PB Blueprint presentation reveals important universal principles of creative writing which can be applied to any other creative project, other than children’s picture books. I myself have found that your PB Blueprint can be very helpful when composing a children’s play or a musical theater piece for kids, of any age. I indeed can imagine composing a children’s opera where both, the libretto and the music are created according to your PB Blueprint. I have no doubt the result would be a master piece.
      Thank you and Jon, again for this webinar and all the other videos and products of yours, available at CBI. They all have been very helpful in my journey as a children’s book writer,
      All the best!

    6. Laura Renauld
      February 21st

      Not only have you provided a blueprint during the idea stage of a picture book, but I’m using it to help me flesh out my revisions. Now I can easily see the holes in my stories and make a plan to fill them. Thank you for helping me see why some of my manuscripts fall flat, even with a strong idea.

    7. Mary McClellan
      February 21st

      I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. I certainly got some new ideas on developing a story. I’m going back through your presentation and find I’m getting even more out of it the second time around. I was quite pleased to learn about a couple of books I haven’t read, but think I’m going to love! Thanks!

    8. Jo Arterberry
      February 25th

      Thank you so much. The webinar was just what I needed educationally and quite enjoyable to watch. I appreciate your teaching skills and making each pint so clearly. I felt encouraged to realize I had done many these things in my writing. Now I feel confident in fine tuning what I have done. Best webinar I’ve seen in a good while. Thank you again & again.

    9. Noura Khoori
      April 17th

      Thank you for this amazing tutorial! It successfully condensed all what we need to master into 90 minutes! I had attended several workshops and lectures in the past about writing picture books but this by far has topped them all! I now feel better equipped to start working on my other picture books 🙂
      much much love!

    10. Daniel James
      June 22nd

      Great webinar. Succinct and relevant-one of the best resources ,by far, that I’ve found on this subject. Thank you.

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