We’ve spoken quite a bit about publishing a Kindle picture ebook.  That’s because we view it as one of the greatest opportunities to come down the pike for children’s book writers in a long, long time.  But we get it — many folks still can’t quite wrap their minds around the idea and they feel as if it will never be something that they can do.


So, we’ve created a free mini-course called “Yes You Can Publish a Kindle Picture eBook!” that answers many of your questions, will allay your fears and allow you to take advantage of this historic moment.



Here’s what you’ll learn in this free mini-course:


* How to get excited about ePublishing.  If you’re uncertain about whether you really can publish your own Picture eBook, give Laura five minutes and she’ll change your mind forever!


* How to search Amazon to find gaps in your market and generate story ideas  This is a really great technique that you’ll learn by looking over Laura’s shoulder as she uses Amazon’s search tool.


* How to understand the elements of a great picture book.  This is vital info that can help you craft a better picture book than you’ve ever imagined.  Even if you aren’t interested in publishing electronically, this is required viewing for anyone who writes picture books.  It’s that good.


* How to get pumped up about marketing, promoting and selling your book.   Laura describes a new way of thinking about marketing that will make promoting your eBook compelling, enjoyable and, yes, fun.


Plus, Laura answers your top questions about Kindle publishing and provides real inspiration to set you off on this amazing journey.



“Yes You Can Publish a Kindle Picture eBook!” is delivered over four days, so it’s easy to absorb.  You won’t be overwhelmed.  Instead, you’ll be excited, inspired and ready to take action.



The mini-course is absolutely free with no catches of any kind.  It’s our way of saying “Yes you can do this!”, and we want to spread that message far and wide.



To get “Yes You Can Publish a Kindle Picture eBook!”,  just go to




In just a few seconds, you’ll get instant access to the first video.




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