Julie Hedlund, Children's Book Insider's Field Guide to the Future

We’re excited to tell you about a major achievement by one of our esteemed children’s writing experts.


Julie Hedlund, CBI’s Field Guide to the Future, has been awarded a Gold Benjamin Franklin Digital  Award by the Independent Book Publishers Association for her digital book A Troop is a Group of Monkeys!



This is a big, big deal and we’re so happy for Julie — and proud, too!


There’s a lesson here, as well:  Julie is an entirely self-made success.  She did this on her own using her smarts, her tenacity and her willingness to persevere.  She’s a perfect example of a 21st Century Children’s Author, and she treads a path that every one of you can walk as well.


Here’s where to learn more and drop Julie a note of congratulations:




Way to go Julie!


(Insiders:  To view some of Julie’s excellent work for CBI, check out  her video Don’t Fear the Future… Embrace It!)   


    1. Julie Hedlund
      April 28th

      THANK YOU Jon, Laura and everyone at CBI! Your support of my career and my vision have been so helpful as I have walked this path. Keep up the good work you are doing so others can indeed follow.

    2. Congrats!! Gotta look at the Monkies book

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