Being a writer is not a task for the faint of heart.   Dealing with rejection, criticism and self-doubt has been part of the literary landscape since the invention of the alphabet.


If you’re struggling with the mental side of being a writer, fear not.  Our Journey Coach Andrea Woolf is here to help!


In this exclusive conversation, Jon and Andrea talk about the biggest obstacles each of us face in our writing careers.  You’ll get new perspectives that can help you overcome these hurdles, and lots of inspiration to fill your sails as you move forward.


This is truly important information, so please invest the time to watch or listen — and then go change the world!



If you’d like to download the interview as an audio-only  MP3 podcast, right-click here and choose “save as”.





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    1. Avatar
      March 17th

      I have enjoyed this so much and I very much resonate with what was said. I realized that I was stalled in my writing because I lost sight of my vision and my purpose.

      I said to myself that I would take a short break from writing as I had a few health issues, but suddenly I lost my connection with my book, which is actually almost ready to be sent off to a publisher. I should have remembered why I started writing it in the first place – my wish to inspire and to make a difference in the world.

      I told myself it was all the practical details that got me stuck. I have never sent anything to a publisher before, how do I find the best one, what format do I send it in, do I send the whole thing or only the first two chapters? These things are still a mystery to me, and I need to learn them.

      I really have to tell myself that these are only small matters compared to the wonderful children’s book I have written. I need to find and to own my inner greatness. I love this idea of coaching, and I am so grateful to you for making it available to all of us.

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        sherif sadek
        March 21st

        I love your phrase “own my inner greatness”. Yes, this is very important and very effective.

    2. Avatar
      Cynthia Reeg
      March 17th

      An empowering video! Thanks so much. Just what I needed to hear.

    3. Avatar

      I feel really inspired by the video. Thank you so much for providing this new focus and attitude toward writing. I believe that it is a personal decision to keep moving forward with this dream of publishing and one day having someone feel you have changed their life. This is empowering and I feel so blessed to be part of this experience. Thank you!

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    5. Avatar
      sherif sadek
      March 21st

      nice video and useful advices.

    6. Avatar

      Loved it, loved it. Thank you Jon and Andrea! I’m a Fightin’ Bookworm and I cannot wait to get to know Andrea better. I was just thinking earlier, “Who am I kidding? I can’t finish this novel.” Now I have NO excuses. Thanks again. I would love to have Andrea’s book.

    7. Avatar
      March 23rd

      This was uncomfortably timely.
      I was just deciding to quit writing this middle grade story, drop this idea that I could be a writer at all, and return to my life as full-time artist and run my studio. I just told my brilliant writer friends that I appreciate their support and belief in me, but they were in fact wrong, and I must cease and desist! Now what shall I do?

    8. Avatar
      March 27th

      Hi Jon and Andrea!
      I have never ever EVER left a comment anywhere. Ever. I was so inspired by this. So many possiblities bubbled in me as I listened to both of you talk. Including an idea for a children’s story, and I could even see the illustrations in my mind’s eye. And I don’t even write for kids. In fact, I’ve hung up my writerly socks for years now. I really needed to hear this. I was reading “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek today. And it got me thinking about my purpose (with a capital P). And then this. Bang. Synchronicity. Thank you very much.

    9. Avatar
      Beth Westcott
      March 27th

      Two words come to mind–inspiration and encouragement. We all need both, no matter what our walk in life. Writers especially need encouragement because so much of our work is done alone.
      Thank you, Jon and Andrea, for sharing with us.

    10. Avatar

      Over thinking. At times I feel my work is not as good as it could be and then I start picking it apart. I’m glad to know I’m not alone in the writing journey of self-doubt. This video was a shot in the arm. (excuse the pun) I saw myself and had to laugh. Ok positive thinking starts now.

      Thank you Jon and Andrea.

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      No one ever achieved greatness by playing it safe.

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