It’s time for a fresh start.


For the moment, forget apps and ebooks.  Forget query letters and page counts. Let’s focus on the one thing that will make or break your career writing for children.





To give you the boost you may need right now, we’ve created something we’d like to share with you. A few words that may help you catch a glimpse your own potential.


We call it 10 Declarations for the 21st Century Children’s Author, and we think it’s something everyone who writes for children needs to read.  We hope you’ll agree.








If you think that other writers can benefit from these declarations, please use the sharing bar at the top of the screen to share this post as far and wide as you can.  Thanks!





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      April 2nd

      I really like this. It gives me motivation and is a great reminder of why I want to become a published author. Thank you for posting it!

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      Hi Jon & Laura,
      Is the 10 Declarations For The 21st Century Author printable? It’s very encouraging and I’d like to frame it and hang it on my wall. Thank you for finding this & posting it for us. It’s very encouraging!

      I fully intend to post this on my blog!

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        Hi Deb,

        Thanks for suggestion! We formatted this into a printable PDF and added it the post above!

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      April 3rd

      Great reminder of why I wanted to write in the first place and very inspirational. Ditto the above comment about printing a copy to hang on my office wall.

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      I’m all in! I’ve recently taken the (bold or crazy?) step of putting all I am into becoming the writer I’ve dreamed of being. I’ve taught elementary age kids for 17 years. Now I want to simply write for them. Your affirmations are just what I needed to keep me focused and motivated. Thank you!

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      April 19th

      Thank you so much for these. Was feeling a little down and wanting to give up but am way more positive now. Went onto kindle and found 350 books under the same genre as I am writing and just thought how on earth will my book stand out from the masses. still need to work on this but at least I have the right frame of mind again.

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      Elaine Milner
      April 19th

      Great job! I love it. Excellent poster for focusing on our goals.

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      MG Camacho
      November 3rd

      Thank you so much for this empowering and inspiring poster! Everytime I feel like giving up I will look at this and be motivated.

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      Chris Lakin
      April 2nd

      Hi Jon and Laura you guy’s are amazing, wish i had a bigger bank balance to undertake your wonderful training course, god knows i need it, but the bank manager disagrees.
      Thanks for this post it’s going to hang on my wall and give me a boost when i need it.

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      April 13th

      hi jon thanke you very much for sending useful information.

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      May 12th

      Thanks for keeping us inspired.

    13. Avatar
      June 2nd

      I am in agreement with everyone who wants to frame and mount these 10 Declarations. Reading them sparks the energy and zeal I wish I always felt. Although I love to write that can-do spirit is not always there. This helps, thank you!

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      Bravo! This is a list to read any time our spirits are flagging or the doubts creep in.

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      November 5th

      Thakns for taking the time to post. It’s lifted the level of debate

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