Here at WriteForKids, we’re committed to helping you impact the lives of children around the world with your work. What’s the best way to write stories for kids that impart a message — but also entertain and delight?


Children’s Book Insider Publisher, Laura Backes, has the answer in this entertaining video!


Want to learn more about writing stories for kids?
Visit Children’s Book Insider’s home for exploring the art and craft of writing.



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    2. Avatar
      Poppy Archer
      March 16th

      This video is wonderful, thank you! It is so easy to fall into the trap of preaching, but who wants to read a preachy book?! Nobody!

      I will be looking up some of the books you mentioned.

    3. Avatar
      sherif sadek
      November 9th

      you really touch a very good point, preaching. Thanks for the reminder.

    4. Avatar

      Amen! Both as a storyteller and as a school librarian, I avoided Message Stories like the plague. They insult the intelligence of listeners/readers. You’ve chosen some of my favorite books to illustrate YOUR message. Excellent models.

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