Meet our ePublishing experts Amy Harrop and Debbie Drum!  They’re digital publishing pros who bring a unique perspective to creating children’s eBooks.


In this introductory video, Amy and Debbie give some great ideas about building your own digital publishing empire, and share tips about how to get free artwork for your eBook!


Links mentioned in video:


Amy & Debbie’s Books:

Picture Perfect Publishing

Vintage Publishing Profits



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      sherif sadek
      March 17th

      Nice video and good ideas. I fond myself doing what you have been advocating here. Moreover, I am a step further as i have some artistic and some IT experience. Thus, I am used to build new stories by doing a little modifications to the artistic library I have using modern tools, I used to contact illustrators to build a sort of library that I can use as is or after modifications. A character and background can be used in various stories and in various ways. Moreover, one is targeting open source software to aid in compiling books and modifying clip art pieces for a new usage.

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